Chapter: Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes

Chapter number: XIX

ICD-10 range: S00-T98

Number of Diseases: 12890

Info: This chapter in the ICD-10 classification pertains to various types of injuries, poisonings, and other health consequences resulting from accidents, violence, or environmental exposure. This includes a wide range of conditions such as fractures, burns, poisonings from substances like drugs or chemicals, and effects of exposure to excessive cold or heat. The severity, symptoms, and treatments can vary widely based on the specific condition, but may involve emergency care, surgery, medication, or rehabilitative therapies. Understanding this category is crucial for diagnosing, treating, and studying the prevalence of these conditions, aiming to promote safety and manage the health impact of external causes.

Slug: injury-poisoning-and-certain-other-consequences-of-external-causes