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ICD-10 code: H04.1

Chapter: Diseases of the eye and adnexia

Other Disorders of Lacrimal Gland

The lacrimal gland is a small, almond-shaped gland located in the upper, outer corner of the eye socket. Its primary function is to produce tears, which keep the surface of the eye moist and lubricated. While most people are familiar with conditions like dry eye syndrome or conjunctivitis, there are other disorders that can affect the lacrimal gland.

  1. Lacrimal gland tumors: While rare, tumors can develop in the lacrimal gland. Symptoms can include a noticeable lump or swelling in the eye area, as well as pain or pressure in the eye. Treatment options may include surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  2. Lacrimal gland duct obstruction: Blockages in the ducts that carry tears from the lacrimal gland to the eye can lead to excessive tearing or eye irritation. Treatment may involve removing the obstruction or placing stents to keep the ducts open.
  3. Lacrimal gland inflammation: Also known as dacryoadenitis, this condition occurs when the lacrimal gland becomes inflamed. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, and redness in the eye area, as well as fever or chills. Treatment may involve antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, or surgery in severe cases.
  4. Lacrimal gland atrophy: This condition occurs when the lacrimal gland shrinks or becomes damaged, leading to a decrease in tear production. While it is more common in older adults, it can also be caused by certain medications or medical conditions. Treatment may involve artificial tears or prescription medications to stimulate tear production.

If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms in your eye area, it is important to seek medical attention. Your eye doctor can help determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and recommend appropriate treatment options. By taking care of your lacrimal gland and overall eye health, you can help maintain clear vision and prevent potential complications down the road.

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