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ICD-10 code: H50.89

Chapter: Diseases of the eye and adnexia

Understanding Other Specified Strabismus

Strabismus, commonly known as crossed or lazy eye, is a vision condition that affects approximately 4% of the United States population. It occurs when there is a misalignment in the positioning of the eyes, causing them to point in different directions. While some forms of strabismus are easily recognizable, others fall under the category of "Other Specified Strabismus."

Other Specified Strabismus is a category of strabismus that doesn't fit into any of the other recognized classifications. This type of strabismus can typically be identified by the specific type of eye misalignment that it causes. Some of the most common types of Other Specified Strabismus include:

  1. Intermittent Exotropia: A type of strabismus where one eye turns outward, away from the nose, intermittently.
  2. Duane Syndrome: A rare condition that affects the ability to move the eyes horizontally.
  3. Monofixation Syndrome: A type of strabismus where one eye becomes dominant, and the other eye is suppressed.

While the exact cause of Other Specified Strabismus isn't fully understood, it's believed to be related to a variety of factors, including genetics, nerve damage, and muscle weakness. Children with a family history of strabismus or other vision problems are at a higher risk of developing Other Specified Strabismus.

Diagnosing Other Specified Strabismus typically involves a comprehensive eye exam, including visual acuity tests, eye movement tests, and a complete medical history review. Treatment options for Other Specified Strabismus may include corrective lenses, eye patches, vision therapy, or surgery.

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of Other Specified Strabismus, it's important to seek medical attention from a qualified eye care professional. With proper diagnosis and treatment, it's possible to manage this condition and improve overall vision health.

Diagnosis Codes for Other specified strabismus | H50.89